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Build your own vacation rental booking website in a few hours.

The valuation of Airbnb price has been rising with the recent valuation at $25.5 billion, a strong testament on the mounting success of the vacation rental business.

So what exactly is In short, Airbnb is a community for users looking to rent out lodging. Every property is associated with a host whose profile will have recommendations by other users as well as reviews by travellers. Travellers are able to search and connect with host and book for their accommodations online. This highly successful concept has disrupted the hotel industry by providing a platform for anyone with a property to rent out for a profit.

Impress with videos


Place videos of your accommodation spaces and woo travelers. We have the expertise to provide a unique video experience

Showcase the Best


Help your audience choose the finest places to stay by listing your best accommodations under the 'Most Popular' category

Smart Search


Simplified search mechanism which reduces complexities in searching by providing a variety of sorting and filtering options

Payment Gateways


Supports 180+ payment gateways available in Magento by default. Your choice is our preference when it comes to payments



Be it cosmetic changes or technical tweaks on the functionalities, any specific changes can be done easily

Social Login

Logging in through social media like Facebook contributes towards user convenience and improved user enrollments

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