CRM Invoices

CRM provides the ability to generate Invoices for clients. You can create an Invoice for anyone. The Invoice Section will list all Invoices that have been currently generated, along with whether or not they have been paid, the total amount and more. Invoices are currently payable by PayPal. Once payment has been accepted, the Invoice's status automatically updates to Paid.

An Invoice can be viewed in two different ways. The first way is via a web URL that has a generated Pay Now button that allows you to collect payments. Then there is also a Download PDF version, which allows you to generate a PDF version of the invoice and download it.

You can change the logo on Invoices and the default site address in the Admin Panel.

When creating an Invoice, you can create multiple items that are calculated automatically towards the total cost. We have also added in two Tax options that can be applied to the cost of the items.

An Invoice can also be marked as a "Template". An Invoice Template can be used as a basis for reoccuring invoices, where the invoice items are kept as the original.

Reoccuring invoices can be created in the Reoccuring section. A reoccuring Invoice makes use of Invoice Templates to generate an Invoice at certain intervals. You can have an invoice reoccur x days, x weeks or x months. These settings can be made by you.

In order to setup reoccuring invoices, you need to run the Invoice Cron once per day:

0 * * * * * wget

where the application is installed in

You can also set some reoccuring invoices to pause and also give them end dates in which they won't reoccur after that point.