CRM Timers

Timers allow you to track how much time you are spending working on Projects. Timers are very easy to use; as soon as you begin working you can start a timer by clicking on the top navigation bar and selecting the Start Timer button. Timers can be assigned to Projects (or none) so that you can see where your time is being spent the most.

You can view all your timers in the Timers section. When you assign a Timer to a Project, there is also the option of assigning it to a Task within that Project. Then when you go to view a Task, it will show how much time has been spent on a Task.

You can also view the Your Stats page which shows you a breakdown of how much time you have spent. You can view by the last 7 days, last 30 days or last 90 days. You can also view by a specific Month.

One other point to mention is that you can also assign an hourly rate to your User account. The Timer will then calculate how much you have potentially earned based on your hourly rate. This setting can be set in the User Settings section.