CRM Teams

Each Project has a Team of users that can be assigned permissions called Project Roles. These roles are different to that of User Roles.

The Admin of a Project can add members to the Project's Team. You can view the team of a specific Project by selecting it from the View By Project list. Each member in the Team can be assigned a Project User Role.

Project Roles can be used to restrict a certain user from within that single project. For example, a User which has access to Tasks can be restricted from accessing tasks for a certain Project by denying the user the Task Project Role.

In most cases, if a user has the User Role of a manager they will have access to all data within that section.


For example, a user with the Task Manager user role has access to all Tasks regardless of their Project Role. However, a user with the User Role Task Worker will need the Task Project Role in order to access tasks for a specific Project. The Admin Project Role gives the user access to all sections for that project.

An Admin can create new Project User Roles in the Team Roles section. This section lets you view all current roles and also allows you to modify the permissions of roles. When you create a new role, it will appear as an option when adding new team members to your project's team.